Commercial: Why Go Bottleless?

Why Bottleless Water Coolers?


Point of use water coolers and Filtered drinking water systems above all else make economic sense. By switching to our Bottleless water coolers you get great tasting healthy water at a cost savings of 10% – 25% over bottled water! You never have fuel surcharges added to your bill because you don’t have the gasoline costs to be added to your weekly or bi-weekly bottled water delivery. If you pay rent by the square foot of workspace, you’re paying to store a water company’s bottles. If workplace site security is a concern – remember our systems are installed and the only other time you see our technicians is during the semi-annual computer scheduled sanitization visit.

Direct Cost Savings

  • A 10% – 25% savings over Bottled Water
  • No Charge installation and maintenance
  • Low quarterly rental fee
  • Both immediate and especially long-term cost savings realized

Savings on Labour & Administration Costs

  • No need to keep track of charges, credits and deposit of bottles
  • No bottled water deliveries to schedule or coordinate
  • No bottled water inventory to track or monitor

Reduced Risk

  • No Injuries from lifting of heavy and awkward bottles
  • No Workers Compensation Liability
  • No Security Issues from water deliveries

Eliminate the Inconveniences of Bottled Water

  • No Cleaning up the spills that occur when loading the water bottles onto the cooler
  • No Storage of both full and empty bottles
  • No Worry of running out of water
  • No Bottle Recycling
  • No Bottle Disposal
  • No Money tied up in bottle deposits
  • No Varying Costs of bottled water


The Health Benefits


Keep your Workforce Happy and Hydrated

More and more Canadian Businesses are upgrading from bottled water to JustPure’s bottleless filtered water dispenser service in line with a world wide trend. Companies are recognizing that employees are their most important resource and that a hydrated workforce is a healthy, alert, and productive workforce.

Healthy Water: an Office Essential, an Essential Service


The Hygiene Benefits: Sealed, Sanitary, & Always Fresh

Bottled Water and Sanitary Concerns

Think about the bottled water delivered to your business. How do you know where it’s been before it got to your cooler??








Bottled water quality can become contaminated due to:

  • Handling
  • Dust
  • Exposure to light
  • Storage (how long and at which temperature?)
  • Poorly maintained coolers
  • Aerobic Bacteria
  • General Unsanitary Conditions (both at the source and at the bottling facilities)
  • Chemicals in plastics leeching into the water

Based upon criteria covering eight sanitation categories, it was found that in many cases bottling was not performed under sanitary conditions. Sanitary deficiencies were found in all bottled water facilities surveyed.

These realities make it harder to trust bottled water. But what’s the alternative?



Bottleless Water Coolers: The Hygienic Solution

Our stylish point of use water coolers and High performance filtered water systems provide a never ending supply of clear, clean, refreshing chilled water. Because they attach directly to your water source, they never require filling or replenishing, eliminating many of the inconveniences associated with bottled water units.

Rigorous Water Quality Standards

The Best Quality Water – always Sealed, Refrigerated, and Sanitary.


The Environmental Benefits: NO BOTTLES


Bottled Water and Environmental Costs

Estimates by the World Wide Fund for Nature are that approximately 2.7 million tons of plastic are used in the bottled water industry every year. While upwards of 40% of these bottles are recycled by environmentally conscientious consumers, most are not, and they are ending up in increasingly over-burdened landfills.

Bottled water accounts for 3% of Global oil consumption and 2.7 million tons of plastic are required to bottle water each and every year.

– World Wide Fund for Nature

How Using Bottleless Water Coolers Help the Environment

Choosing filtered water:

  • eliminates bottled water deliveries
  • which cuts fuel consumption
  • and helps to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions!

Choosing filtered water:

  • eliminates 500ml and other plastic bottles
  • and reduces the number of plastic bottles going to landfill!

JustPure inc. uses ENERGY STAR RATED bottleless water coolers.

We strongly believe that by using a point of use , “Bottleless” water cooler as a Filtered water dispenser in your workplace, home and office you will be reducing your workplace’s carbon footprint and have the foundation for a 100-mile diet

Go Green, Go Bottleless, Go Pure…. Just Pure !!