Specifications & Features:
    Dimensions: 12″W x 14″L x 43″H
    Gross Weight: 49 lbs
    Cold Tank Volume: 2 gallons
    Hot Tank Volume: 0.5 gallon
    Cooling Rate: 1.5 gallon/hour 37-50°F
    Heating Rate: 1.3 gallon/hour 180°F

    Filtration Options
    Reverse Osmosis Purification
    Stage1: Sediment Filter (5 micron)
    Stage2: Activated Carbon Filter (1 micron)
    Stage3: Reverse Osmosis Membrane*
    Stage4: Post Carbon Filter (0.5 micron)
    *Available in 50 & 180 GPD

    Tested & Certified:

    The JP-8000 is a sleek, high-quality water purification dispenser that is ideal for home and business applications. With its 4-stage water purification process and the ability to dispense hot and cold water on demand, it’s the only water dispenser you’ll ever need.

    Available in: Black or White