The Choice is Clear.

Our innovative water purification systems are reliable, easy to use

and above all else, promise only the purest water.

Our innovative water purification systems are reliable, easy to useand above all else, promise only the purest water.


Celebrating over 20 years of making a splash as an industry leader!


Unlimited Clean Water. Period.

Just Pure is the logical choice for both the Thinking Man and the Drinking Man. Eliminate the inconvenience of plastic, play your role in protecting the environment, save money, and enjoy ice-cold, clean water without any hassle. Take the Just Pure plunge today!

At Home

If you wouldn’t drink it, then why are you cooking with it? Just Pure’s residential water systems make for clean cooking, with no second-guessing!

At the Office

Haven’t earned Employee of the Month status in a while? Introduce your office to Just Pure’s commercial water system and finally get that raise you’ve been angling for. The choice is clear: lower your spending costs, go green, and clear up office space.

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$34.95 per month

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JP-8000 stand up model
$44.95 per month

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An Endless Stream of Pure Water

If your tap, bottle or cooler water has a taste, then you're drinking it wrong. Just Pure's water dispensers boast a 5-stage, reverse osmosis filtration process, ensuring that you're drinking from an endless stream of clean water... without any of that other stuff.

Protect the Environment with Just Pure

Feel like a Planeteer with our bottleless water dispensers. Thanks to Just Pure, you can finally go plastic free. Pour yourself a fresh glass, strap on your cape, and join us in the fight against plastic!

is Key

Those heavy jugs are a hassle to deal with and they take up tons of space. Our bottleless water dispensers are lightweight and compact, so there's no back-breaking workout and you'll totally improve your kitchen or office's feng shui.

Save Green by Going Green

Just Pure's free installation and low monthly subscription fee ensures that you'll save big on your water consumption costs. Your monthly subscription covers the cost of your sleek Just Pure system, free maintenance, free filter changes, and service calls. With so much money saved, make sure to order dessert next time you’re out.

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